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Why Should You Own A Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds keep your loved one comfortable at home. For people who have trouble getting in and out of a regular bed a hospital bed may be the best solution for your home.

Hospital Beds Are Flexible

Most hospital beds are capable of a variety of positions from raising, lowering, elevating, and reclining. If a reduction in balance and mobility is an issue, you’ll want to ensure their feet are planted firmly on the ground before trying to stand. You can lower or raise a hospital beds making it easy to stand safely. Hospital beds also make the use of walkers and wheelchairs much easier.

Hospital beds elevate and recline allowing your loved one to adjust the incline to create a more comfortable sleeping position.

There is a wide range of hospital beds available today, all with different features to fit a wide array of budgets. While all hospital beds offer added comfort, often times less expensive beds will forgo some of the safety and positioning features.

Hospital Beds Are Great For Caregivers

Hospital beds make it much easier for caregivers to manage your loved one’s personal needs easier. Caregivers can use side rails and height changes to manage personal care.

The improved cleanliness minimizes the risk of bedsores and urinary tract infections.

Hospital Beds Are Small And Mobile

The reduced bed size makes maneuvering in the room safer, especially if your loved one is utilizing a wheelchair or other sort of lift. Hospital beds may have wheels for easy movement around the room. Having this sort of flexibility can make even small rooms feel a lot larger.

You Can Add Home Care Accessories To A Hospital Bed

Bed Rails
Bed rails are often installed onto hospital beds so that your loved one has something to hold onto. Even if your loved one is unable to walk they may have the strength to use their arms to help with rolling and repositioning.

There are many options for bed rails. They can be attached to the entire length of the bed or as a half rail near the top of the bed. Half rails are great for getting in and out of bed.

Bed tables slide close to the bed and create a table surface that works well with the size and design of hospital beds.

Blanket Supports
Blanket supports keep blankets from restricting leg movement by raising the blanket off the lower legs and feet. This also prevents the blankets from getting tangled as your loved one moves.

If you have sensitive skin, a blanket support can keep the extra weight off of you and help prevent sores and friction in calves and ankles.

Is It Worth Buying A Hospital Bed For Home?

Any patient who has trouble getting into and out of a standard bed will find their quality of life improve with a hospital bed.

Long-Term Savings
Always consider how long you expect the bed will be used for. Long-term rentals can end up costing a lot more in the long run then buying a hospital bed. If this is going to be something that you or a loved one will need for a long time, buying a new bed is the way to go.

Customized To Your Needs
Purchasing a hospital bed gives you the option to customize the offered features. Make sure to consider who will be operating the bed as this can help determine extra features you may need.

Closing Thoughts

The decision to buy depends on your circumstances and what you expect from your home hospital bed. The benefits of buying is that it gives you access to a greater range of beds with more advanced features and lower long-term costs.

Why Should You Own A Hospital Bed

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