Patient Transfer – Lifts, Lift Chairs / Recliners

Patient Transfer considerations are substantial, not only for patient comfort, but to ensure family members/caregivers are not injured in the process. Floor lifts help you transfer, position, support or lift your loved one in a variety of scenarios. There are several different patient transfer products available.

Renmar is available to complete annual maintenance or repair work on your lift and lift recliner. The online companies don’t offer that! As always, Renmar offers white glove service which includes delivery, set up, and product training.

Please contact us if you have any product questions or have any specialty item requests. We’re always happy to help.

Renmar DME’s Partners for Patient Transfer Products

Floor to Stand

Full Body Electric Lift (Hoyer Lift®)

People who are living with immobility can rely on a Full Body Lift to safely transport them from place to place with the help of their caregivers.  A Full Body lift is a mobility tool used to help those with mobility challenges get out of bed or the bath without the physical assistance of another person.  

MiniLift Sit-to-Stand

Sit To Stand Electric Lift

Portable sit-to-stand lifts are designed to provide a safe transfer experience. They provide the patient with support under the feet, along the front of the lower legs, and behind the back. This support gives them security while still allowing them to exercise their leg muscles and balance while standing.

lift recliner

Lift Recliners

Discover the joy of better living with our lift recliners. Whether for yourself or a loved one, Renmar has the perfect solution to make every day more comfortable. Rent or purchase and get one delivered to your home today.  


Viva Lift Recliner

The most comfortable recliner in the world!

FDA Class II Medical Device*
*Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments