Hospital Beds and Accessories

Renmar has fully electric hospital beds – standard and bariatric – for sale and for rent. Bariatric beds are generally 42” or 48” wide.  Standard bed packages include the bed frame, foam mattress and ½ rails.

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  • Accora Floor Bed 
  • Invacare Fully Electric Hospital Beds
  • Foam Mattresses
  • Alternating Pressure Mattresses & Pumps

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5410 LOW

A fully electric hospital bed has a hand controller that will move the head section, foot section and the entire bed (up/down). 

A fully electric LOW bed moves the same head and foot section, and goes lower to the ground than a standard bed.  A Low bed can get as low as 9.5″ from the ground.  This is particularly helpful for shorter individuals who may have a difficult time getting out of bed.

Floor beds were created for those susceptible to fall risk. 

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Accora FloorBed 1

The Accora Floor Bed eliminates the risk of falling from a bed. The Floor Bed package comes with the bed frame, foam mattress, assist rail and floor mat.

At just 2.8″, FloorBed 1 is only a little higher than a tennis ball, helping to reduce the risk of injury from falls. It rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks, and offers comprehensive functional and clinical benefits to help maximize resident safety. The FloorBed has all the profiling functions of a standard nursing bed.

Key Features

Other bed options and accessories:

  • Alternating Pressure Mattress (APM) with Pump:  Is a great option for those who spend many hours in bed each day.  An APM has pockets of air located inside a mattress that inflates and deflates at different times, alternating the pressure points on the body.  APM’s help reduce the risk of developing bed sores or skin ulcers.  It also can help those who already have pressure ulcers and provide comfort while in bed. Also available in bariatric sizes.
  • Alternating Pressure Pad (APP) with Pump:  Offers similar benefits as the APM.  The APP is placed on top of a standard mattress.  The APP has a small pump to circulate the air within the pad.
  • Over Bed Table – provides convenience when eating meals in bed or to lean on when doing a crossword puzzle!
  • Bed Assist Rails: Helps facilitate movement and positioning in a bed.
  • Trapeze: Helps facilitate movement and positioning in a bed.
  • Foam overlay for comfort

Renmar is available to complete annual maintenance or repair work on your hospital bed.

As always, Renmar offers white glove service which includes delivery, set up, and product training.