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Our Products & Services

Renmar offers a full line of health and home care products for rent or purchase


We provide:

  • Standard wheelchairs

  • Specialty/complex wheelchairs such as power chairs and tilt in space 

  • Broda chairs

  • Hospital beds - semi electric, fully electric and low deck beds

  • Air mattresses and overlays

  • Patient lift/transfer devices

  • Rollators/4 wheel walkers

  • Hand splints

  • Wheelchair cushions

  • Bathroom safety equipment such as shower chairs, commodes, fall mats

  • Bariatric sizes

  • Accessories such as wheelchair or rollator baskets, armrest bags, cell phone holder, tote bags

  • Technician services to repair and adjust equipment 

We are staffed 24/7 to deliver emergency orders and emergency repairs to vital equipment.