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Manual and Powered Wheelchairs, Powered Scooters and Accessories

Renmar can help fit you for a wheelchair or scooter that meets your specific needs.  We have years of expertise with seating and mobility and can provide standard or customized solutions.

A qualified professional will go to your home or facility to conduct a wheelchair assessment, often with your therapist present.  You also have the option to visit Renmar in Concord for your assessment.

If you are acquiring a wheelchair or scooter through insurance, we will work with your healthcare providers to get the documentation required by your insurance company.

When the wheelchair or scooter is delivered to your home, we will ensure the chair is to your satisfaction and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal comfort.

Whether you need a new wheelchair, a new cushion or replacement parts, Renmar is your one stop shop.

Did you know that Renmar is available to complete annual maintenance or repair work on your wheelchair or scooter? 

If you have questions about purchasing a wheelchair or scooter through Renmar, click here (link to [email protected] or dial our phone # on mobile ?)

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