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Preparing for a new wheelchair assessment

A wheelchair assessment will include your medical history, lifestyle, and personal goals as they relate to wheeled mobility.

The more you share about your goals and objectives, the better the professional can help suggest a successful equipment solution.

What Are Your Functional Needs?

This addresses your current and past mobility status and how it may have changed.  Be sure to discuss your:

  • postural support needs
  • how you transfer
  •  what other equipment you use

What Are Your Mobility Goals?

What are the activities to be performed from the chair, bathing, dressing, meal prep, work access?

What Equipment Did You Previously Use Or Try?

If you have tried equipment in the past, what did you like about it, what didn’t you like?

What Are The Non-Negotiable Features That Are Most Important To You?

Depending on what features are needed, some may work, some may not be able to be accommodated so be sure to advocate for the most important.

What Other Technology Needs To Be Integrated?

Do you want to add on power-assist to a manual chair?  Add a speech device to a power wheelchair?  Or do you just want to know if it will work with the current type of transfer device you have?

Where Will You Primarily Use Your Equipment?

What type of environment do you live in?

  • Is it smooth or rough surfaces?
  • Hills or high curbs?
  • Are there wide entry/exit points,
  • Room to maneuver?
  • Right turns in smaller spaces?

At what height does the seat need to be to either reach above or below tables or work with existing drive controls in an adapted vehicle.

How Will The Chair Be Transported?

  • Does it fold to go in the boot of the car?
  • Does it require a lift into a vehicle if it’s a power chair?

Will Your Specialist Meet With You At Delivery/Set-Up?

Ask if the therapist will be meeting with you at your delivery and set up appointment to ensure proper fit, make adjustments, explain usage, and necessary maintenance.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions!

Think about how you’d use your equipment now and in the future.  The more questions you ask up front, the better result you will receive.

professional helping a man with a wheelchair

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