3 Signs You or Your Loved One May Be Ready for a Mobility Aid


There comes a time in everyone’s lives where mobility aids will become a necessity. Accepting the use of mobility devices like wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters can be a difficult decision.

Here are 3 signs to keep in mind when deciding if mobility aids are right for you or your loved one.

Difficulty Walking and Increased Fatigue

Walking can become difficult, medical conditions, injuries or age can cause fatigue or weakness. But if it’s happening more frequently and after short stints, then a mobility aid may be necessary.

Having the option of a mobility device, can greatly improve your health by reducing any stress or anxiety, allowing you to have more control, increasing your physical activity, and decreasing your risk of developing any health issues due to a lack of physical activity. If you or your loved one no longer wants to leave the house because of fatigue, then it’s definitely time for a mobility aid.

Convincing a loved one that they need help may be difficult, but assuring them they will not lose their independence if they invest in mobility aid is key.

Difficulty with Standing and Loss of Balance 

When balance is lacking, your coordination decreases, and the chances of a fall are much more likely. If you notice you are holding on to walls and furniture for balance when you are standing or have a frequent fear of falling this is a good indicator that a loss of balance is occurring. Mobility aids can help those who walk but have difficulty balancing provide support..

Frequent falls

Falling can happen on occasion, but if it becomes frequent, there may be an issue. This issue becomes even more dangerous when the fall is happening in a person’s own home.  A fall can happen for a variety of reasons, including lack of physical activity, impaired vision, medications, diseases, surgeries and environmental hazards.

Serious injuries like broken limbs, head injuries, internal bleeding, and even death can occur because of a fall. Because of these dangers, it is very important to get help if you are falling frequently. If you or a loved one has experienced a fall, walkers, wheelchairs and scooters are good investments.

When to Use Mobility Aids

The goal of a mobility aid is to help individuals maintain their current lifestyle and increase their independence.

Improving an individual’s safety and mobility are turning points for many families.  If you are considering a mobility aid you should consult with your doctor to find out which solution will work best for you.

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